The Scout Group works on a monthly subscription rate that covers the costs of running the Scout Group. (Outings and camps are payable separately depending on attendance). 

The subscription includes an element called capitation that is paid direct to The Scout Association and covers all liability insurance and leader training needs, at the present time this is circa £35.00 per person per year.  

The subscription rates from the 1st April 2014 are: -  

£10.00 all sections per month 

New members are expected to start paying subscriptions 4 weeks after they started or when they are invested into their section, whichever is the sooner. 

We ask that all subscriptions are paid by monthly standing order (see below) or direct electronic payment (bank details on form below), this requires less administration time and costs. We also ask that you sign a Gift Aid form,which enables the Scout Group to recover an additional 25% direct from the Government, you need to be a taxpayer to sign the form (see below)   



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